The Secret Society (2012)
God Save The Queen (2011)
Nicholls Fellowships 2012 - Top 500
Love Machine (2009)


Polite Club (2008)
Coat Of Arms (2007)*
Eeeny Meeny Miney Mole (2007)*
The Slush Pile (2006)*
The Space Race (2006)*
The Hundred Years War (2005)*
Songschool (2005)
The Freudian Slip (2003)*
Woe From Wit (2002)*
*with Pegabovine


Not Real Arts Jobs (2010-present)
Creator / Writer
Videojug (2007)
Writer / Researcher
Culture Wars (2005)
Theatre Reviewer
Web Content / Design
CMS, HTML, Dreamweaver,
Photoshop, InDesign


Peace Love Death Metal (2013)
Spec sitcom pilot
Fitter Happier (2012)
Team-written sitcom pilot with Kate Chedgey & Sarah Dean
Angela Of The North (2011)
Part of writing team for BBC North optioned pilot for Sally Lindsay
Union (2011)
Team-written sitcom pilot with Kate Chedgey & Sarah Dean
Brains (2009)
Drama Pilot
Big Brother's Little Brother (2007)
With Potted Potter - Sketch broadcast on Channel 4


Tilt (2008)
BBC Radio 7 - Sketch
28 Acts In 28 Minutes (2007)
BBC Radio 4 - Sketch with Pegabovine
Investigation: Nation (2006)
Team-written radio pilot for BBC
BBC Witty & Twisted (2006)
Longlisted for BBC radio competition


Greenbelt Festival (2009-2012)
festival guide, e-newsletter, blog editor, social media, including Twitter / Facebook, marketing material, website (CMS), press releases, external advertising
Pegabovine (2003-2008)
marketing material, design, website
Write Better Copy course (2010)
completed course with The Media Trust


Third Way (2012)
Music reviewer
NSDF (2005-2009)
Deputy Editor, Noises Off
Soho Theatre (2005)
Script Reader
New Writing South (2005)
Script Reader
Culture Wars
Occasional Theatre Reviewer

Contact: tom@wateracre.co.uk
Representation: Lindsey Bender, United Agents